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About Secrets of Service


Secrets of Service is a hospitality training & recruitment company that provides Skills-Based Short Course Training as well as job placements for front-of-house employees, such as managers and waiters, of hospitality establishments. S.o.S is founded on the principle that all restaurants vary but that there are certain inherent, basic principles that staff should understand and skills that they should learn and be able to perform. This enables the restaurant to be both profitable and sustainable whilst at the same time creating an enjoyable and productive environment for patrons and team members.


The evolving hospitality industry has been massively influenced by the credit crunch of 2007-08 and has seen a downward shift in the available skilled, experienced and polished talent pool of employees. However, service standards and patron expectations have not changed and may actually have increased with the arrival of TV shows such as Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Come Dine with Me, etc. The professional and law enforced era in this industry has also come about which necessitates a new approach which can no longer be ignored. Failure to adhere to occupational health & safety and labour laws may result in fines, visits to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) or closure. Many willing, future employees have never experienced dining out in restaurants. Training of raw, inexperienced and unpolished talent will contribute massively to customer satisfaction and the overall success of hospitality establishments.


S.o.S courses will provide an edge to your establishment – that little bit more which is needed to surpass competitors in an already cut-throat, saturated hospitality industry where the margin between success, existence and closure is a knife edge apart apart.


The competitively priced courses offered by S.o.S are designed to be short (5 days) so as to minimally impact on restaurant operations. Courses are outcomes based, with  the focus on improving performance as opposed to only imparting knowledge.


S.o.S offers consultancy and assistance for establishments which think they might want to or need to change their current status quo. One or 2 degrees’ change in direction might not seem like a lot. However, the longer one stays on course the further the destinations move apart. Consultancy might help change the direction, overcome obstacles or affirm the course taken.

Contact Us

Merwe Steenkamp
Director & Trainer
061 879 2062
Stellenbosch, Western Cape
7600 South Africa